The Need for Best Deodorant for Men

best deodorant for menThanks to global warming, world temperature continues to soar, and with the bills and everyday expenses of the ordinary man moving in similar direction, men of today have to work under higher degree Celsius and for longer hours too, just to keep body and soul together, and ensure that loose ends meet. The inevitable effect being that the amount of perspiration by men today is higher than that of their counterpart of previous generations.

Like excretion and other normal physiologic processes, perspiration (sweating) is essential to living a healthy life. Regulating the body temperature during times of heat exposures, perspiration involves the release of an odourless water. Microorganisms soon come in contact with this liquid and give it its unpleasant smell especially in areas where the sweat do not evaporate quickly. To this end, natural and synthetic deodorants have moved from the luxury they once were to almost an indispensable necessity of every man today.

As more men continue to embrace its use, it’s important to note that all deodorants are equal but some are perhaps more equal than others. They come in different types of sizes, textures and scents. So in order to get good value for any dollar spent on acquiring one, it’s pertinent to be guided by certain factors.

For what may work perfectly for Mr. Johnson may not particularly be the best for Mr. Benson.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Deodorant for Men

  1. Skin type: If you never knew, know now we do not all have similar skin types. A visit to a dermatologist to know just a little about your skin will do you a whole world of good. This knowledge will come in handy and determine the texture and density that is best for you.

“Suitable with skin is non-negotiable especially for those with sensitive or broken skin. As the use of deodorants with harsh ingredients can be counterproductive.”

  1. Location and Time: It is a large world we are living in and as such we have different climatic and weather exposures. Two persons may exhibit similar skin traits, but while one lives in the tropics, probably somewhere in Africa where the weather is quite hot for most part of the year, his deodorant needs will differ significantly from another in a more temperate region of the world. Even within countries states and provinces sometimes have contrasting weathers at various calendar times. To this end you should give thought to the peculiarity of your location.
  2. Nature of Job: From white collar to blue collar jobs, a wide range of formal and informal, mechanized and labour intensive, as well as sedentary and highly locomotive workers require different deodorant needs. A Christiano Ronaldo running the length and breath of a football field has a greater tendency of perspiring more than his manager who sits on the bench chewing gum throughout the entire match.

“Unless body odour is one of his numerous skills, Ronaldo and other athletes may find themselves requiring stronger types of deodorants.”

  1. Cost and Size: They sure come in different shapes and sizes and of course, different prices. Always go for something affordable and effective. If you do a lot of travelling, the size of your deodorant becomes important.
  2. Time taken to dry: Deodorants that take quite a while to dry after application have a bad reputation of leaving stains on fabrics. In the modern world, where time is constantly of the essence and for an ever increasingly impatient generation it is preferably to go for deodorants that dry up within the shortest possible time.

“Look out for those that do not leave white marks in the armpit after application.”

  1. Fragrance: Sweet smelling deodorants appeal to me and rank highly in my wish list. No matter how much you are into pleasant smell never be tempted into applying deodorants excessively. Strong and dominant smells can be repulsive and offensive to others.

“If you suffer from allergy to artificial scents, you can go for naturally scented deodorants or an unscented version all together. Which also prevent scent clashes between your deodorant and cologne.”

  1. Amount of Sweat You Secrets: This is very important as we do not all sweat the same way even when under the same conditions. Some are heavy sweaters while others are minimal sweaters. There are deodorants in the market that are made specifically for those who sweat more than usual. Ascertain the class you belong to and go for deodorants designed to carter for you.
  2. Active Ingredients: Sparing a minute to go through the product information is highly recommended. See whether the deodorant contains aluminum zirconium, this has some allergic reactions and you may want to avoid it


  1. Ensure that your underarm region is dried. If you have just had a shower, dry with a towel before using deodorants. Application to a wet surface will prevent it from sticking properly to the underarm and would leave stains on the shirt.
  2. Proceed to apply deodorant on the underarm. Be careful not to overdo it. A few gentle to and fro strokes will do, preferably just one to three strokes. You certainly don’t want to put off others with the strong scent an excessive application will radiate.
  3. Spare a minute or two for the deodorant to dry to minimize staining your shirt. Putting clothes immediately after applying deodorants can leave stains that would be visible from the outside.


Deodorants now come in a wide range of formula as well as methods of application. .The different types you can easily find in supermarkets and cosmetic stores include:

  1. Solid Sticks: These are the most popular type of deodorants and are considered generally dried since after application, they do not leave the skin wet. Deodorants in stick forms are usually solid white or clear deodorants used underarms. Be careful while choosing as some solid sticks leave white residue behind on clothing.
  2. Spray Deodorants: these ones come in aerosol canal and usually go on dry. Some require that the cans are shooked properly before use.
  3. Gel: They are applied just as the solid stick deodorant but require a few more time to dry when applied.
  4. Roll-ons. These have a ball at the top of the bottle that rolls to evenly distribute the light and gel-like formula.
  5. Creams and Lotions: They are applied with the finger tips by massaging the underarms with the lotion. They equally require some time to dry.


It’s the exclusive prerogative of every man to choose his deodorant type. There exist no proof that one is more effective than others at least hopefully you have deduced for yourself from reading best deodorant for men guide.